Utah SBDC Annual Report 2013

Helping Utah Businesses Sell More!
Client Sales increase in Excess of State Norm*
          Established Firms $12,348,520
          Start-Up Firms $32,988,570
          Aggregate Sales Impact $45,337,090
Positive Return on Tax Dollars Invested!
Estimated SBDC Client Tax Revenues in Excess of State Norm*
          State Tax Revenue $2,448,334
          Federal Tax Revenue $1,752,896
          Total Estimated Tax Revenue $4,201,230
More Utah Jobs for a Better Economy!
SBDC Client Jobs Added to Utah Economy*
          Total Jobs Created 733
          Existing Jobs Saved 278
          Total Jobs 1,011
Helping Obtain Capital to Start and Grow!
Client Loans and Business Investment - CY 2013**
          Client Loans/Investment Obtained $35,456,836
          SBDC Operating Costs (cash) $1,856,000
          Loan Leverage $19.10/$1.00
Serving All of Utah!
Client Counseling Hours- CY 2013**
          Number Clients 2,304
          Clients Trained 3,147
          Average Hours per Client 5.47

* The Utah SBDC participates in the ASBDC National Impact Study to document economic impact. The study analyzes the sales and employment changes, financing obtained, and tax revenues generated by a statistical sampling of established and pre-venture clients that received five or more hours of counseling assistance from the Utah SBDC in 2009-2013. The figures reflect an estimate of the increase in excess of the average of all Utah businesses. SBDC client businesses are much more likely to survive than non-client businesses. ** Internally generated figures from data gathered on an on-going basis by the Utah SBDC network.